Weather Delays & Closings

Updates on Inclement Weather Procedures

DPS released new guidance on the calling of “Snow Days”.
  • For severe weather that is limited in duration, we will do a traditional snow day, with no in-person or remote learning. We’ll be monitoring the weather closely and providing updates as needed through our normal communications channels.
  • If there is an extended stretch of severe weather during the week and we are not able to safely allow students to attend in-person school for multiple days, then — starting with the second day — we will pivot to remote learning.
  • To support in planning and this shift, any time we are considering a potential snow day, we will send messaging to schools by mid-day the day before to remind students and teachers to prepare (such as by taking home computers) in the event that it becomes a multi-day event and we need to shift to remote learning.
As a reminder, new for this school year, all schools (regardless of start time) will be delayed by two hours if a “Weather Delay” is called by the district.
DPS is committed to informing families about school closures or delays as early as possible – with the goal to make the call by 5 a.m. Continue to check your texts/voicemail and Facebook for updates.
Be sure to read up on helpful TIPS to prepare for large amounts of snow. In particular, be sure to clear any vents to your outdoors to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning:
  • Keep your vents clear – During and after a storm, make sure nothing is obstructing the outside stack or vent for your dryer, stove, furnace and fireplace.
  • Take special care to prevent snow from building up and blocking these critical exits for dangerous gases.


2019/2020 INFORMATION:

Greetings Families:

Updated DPS Weather Delay Schedule
New for the 2019-2020 school year, ALL schools (regardless of start time) will be delayed by 2 hours if a Weather Delay is called by the District. This means that when there is a Weather Delay, the following will apply at Stedman:

  • Morning Drop-Off: 10:30am-10:40am
  • Instructional Start Time: 10:45am
Please note that all Weather Delays & Closures will be communicated via:
  • Robo Call/Text
  • Local news outlets
  • Facebook: and/or
  • Twitter: @DPSnewsnow and @DPSschoolbus
  • District Closure Hotline: 720-423-3200
  • DPS Transportation Hotline: 720-423-4600
Please see the linked fliers for more information.
English Flyer
Spanish Flyer
Inclement Weather Arrival Procedures
When there are poor weather conditions in the morning, we will bring students indoors vs. congregating on the playground. We plan to implement the following tomorrow:
  • Upon arrival, all students will go directly to the gym (ECE-1st Graders) or the cafeteria (2nd-5th Graders) until the bell rings.
  • Students will organize by class.
  • All adult supervisors will be stationed in the gym/cafeteria and in the halls to make sure students know where to go and are safe once they arrive.
Inclement Weather Recess
We will make every effort to get students outside for some fresh air and exercise. If the temperature is at or above 20 degrees, there is no blowing snow and the playground area is safe, we will go outside. With this in mind, please make sure your child is dressed to spend time outside. It’s time to dig out the warm coats, hats and gloves! (If you are in need of warm winter outerwear, please let us know)When the weather decides not to cooperate, we will have recess indoors. During these times we will utilize the auditorium, gym and/or art room.