Our Commitment:

  • Stedman students are prepared to participate in their community; students know what is available to them in their community, how they can contribute, and are inspired to take action.
  • Students are able to present and defend their learning to their peers and community at large.
  • Through fundraising and grant-writing, we increase opportunities for experiential learning, arts and technology integration into core academic instruction.
  • Stedman students are a learning community; they have a rigorous education that promotes critical and strategic thinking, results in high levels of academic achievement; and bilingualism.
  • Stedman teachers reflect the values and diversity of our student population.
  • Stedman teacher leaders lead; they have strategic and defined roles to support both their students and their peers. When they see an opportunity, they lead and collaboratively design solutions with colleagues and school leaders .
  • The school is a place where all community stakeholders come together to create and contribute to the success of our students and neighborhood.
  • Families know and understand the expectations for their child’s education at Stedman and engage with the staff and community to support the school.

Programs for all levels of learners: Emergent, Proficient, and Advanced

Experiential Learning: Students learn through analysis and exploration of real-life concepts through our rigorous new curriculum:

  • Engage New York Math Kindergarten through 5th grade
  • Expeditionary Learning English Language Arts 4th and 5th grades

Personalized Learning Supports: Students’ needs are met through personalized lessons and experiences.

Daily Guided Reading: Students work in small guided groups to develop their reading skills; teachers select texts for each individual student’s ability and progress monitor their growth.

Accelerated Reader: Increases students’ love of independent reading. Students take online quizzes after reading books on their individual reading level.

Gifted and Talented: A gifted and talented itinerant teacher supports Stedman teachers in designing lesson extensions and challenges to support students identified as gifted and talented and those working above grade level. Projects encourage creative thinking, cooperative learning, and peak students’ interests in academics.

Academic Intervention: Students who are not yet at grade level in reading and mathematics have the opportunity to receive support in the classroom or with our interventionist. Students receive personalized instruction through computer-based skills practice and leveled math groups with Denver Math Fellows.

Educating the Whole Child: Deep community roots ground Stedman people and practices as we work together to support the whole child.

  • Early Childhood 3 and 4 year old classrooms through 5th grade
  • Students participate in Music, Visual Arts and PE
  • Spanish instruction for native Spanish speakers
  • Community partnerships enhance learning: Spellbinders (storytelling), La Napoule Art Foundation (artist residencies), Denver Art Museum, Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company and Park Hill Optimists Tutors.
  • Social and emotional support for students: counselor, school psychologist, and restorative approaches

Before and After School Childcare and Enrichment Opportunities

  • Scholars Unlimited: Through a grant-funded partnership with Summer Scholars, students can receive tutoring in literacy and take enrichment classes after school.
  • Tuition-based before and after school childcare: offered in an intimate small group from 7am-8:15am and 3:45-6:00pm daily.
  • Music Experiences: Before school Violin and Choir is offered through partnerships with the CO Symphony Orchestra and the CO Children’s Chorale.


We now offer a half-day 4 year old ECE class in addition to our half-day 3 year old ECE class and our two full-day 4 year old English and Spanish classes. Stedman’s amazing team of Early Childhood educators is ready to welcome more young children into our community!

Stedman Elementary is now offering the choice of Spanish Immersion for English-speaking students entering kindergarten and first grade in 2016-2017. This new program will add one grade level each year until it extends through 5th grade and students are bilingual/biliterate. Spanish Immersion students will join our current TNLI students in the ELAS classrooms. The instructional model and curriculum are aligned in our English and Spanish classroom. Stedman will follow the DPS Language Allocation Guidelines. Kindergarten instruction in the Spanish classroom will be 90% Spanish and 10% English. First grade instruction in the Spanish classroom will be 80% Spanish and 20% English. We will continue to offer English classrooms at each grade level for students who do not wish to participate in a Spanish classroom.

We look forward to welcoming your family to Stedman. Make Stedman your FIRST CHOICE today!