Delayed Start! Monday, Jan 22

A note from DPS regarding delayed starts on Monday, January 22nd:

Denver Public Schools is implementing a delayed start for selected schools on Monday, Jan. 22. This means all schools starting at 8:30 a.m. or later will delay their starting times by one hour. All other schools are operating on normal schedules. Schools on the weather delay schedule are listed here:…/2017-18%20District%20Delay%2…

Our goal with the weather delay schedule is to ensure our students at schools with slightly later start times are not waiting outside for their buses during delays. When we make the call to use the delay schedule, it means we believe our school buses can safely transport students. However, because of the weather, we do expect delays. We want our bus drivers to have time to safely transport students to schools with earlier starting times, then return and safely transport students to schools with slightly later starting times.

For additional information about inclement weather policies, including a Frequently Asked Questions and documents in multiple languages, please visit the DPS Weather Page at