Starting School!

Please be sure to get all your necessary information in Mr. Atkins’ email from August 21st HERE (including ECE Forms, Arrival line up locations and rosters, and more!) | Asegúrese de obtener toda la información necesaria en el correo electrónico del Sr. Atkins a partir del 21 de agosto AQUÍ (incluidos los formularios de ECE, las ubicaciones y listas de filas de llegadas, ¡y más!)



I hope your child is as excited as we are about the new school year. I also suspect they are in need of rest before the big day just as we are! We all hope you enjoy your last weekend of the summer and continue to practice safe socializing as we prepare to enter into community together (in person!).


Many of you have not yet completed the DPS Online Registration. Please do not forget to do so this weekend. ECE Families – remember to scroll below for more information on your first day and how to access the mandatory licensing forms.


I’ve included information below about where to have your child line up on the playground at the start of school. We will also have staff available on the first day to assist your child in finding his/her class!


Additional reminders:


Street Sweeping: We have spoken with the City and requested that street sweeping parking enforcement not begin until 9:30am on our designated days. Thankfully, they have agreed and provided us with documentation to confirm this. If you have any issues with parking enforcement on street sweeping days while dropping your child off (prior to 9:30am), please see the office for a copy of the memo from the City of Denver. (Next week is street sweeping!)


First Day of School: Our first day of school for all students (with the exception of ECE-3) is Monday, August 23rd. School starts at 8:55am and releases at 3:55pm. During the first two weeks, students in K-5 can be dropped off on the playground starting at 8:30am when adult supervision will begin. Starting September 7th, adult supervision will not begin until 8:40am. Please make sure students do not arrive before that time. (K-5 classes will line up with their teachers on the playground when the bell rings each morning, see below!) All ECE families must physically sign their children in and out each day.


COVID-19 Precautions: Many of last year’s regulations have been removed, but it is important to remind you that ALL people in our building must remain masked when in the building with the exception of meal time. Students will be able to remove masks when outdoors. At this time, we will not be allowing visitors or parents in the building during the school day, and we will only be intermingling students within their own grade levels. We are happy to announce that students will receive all of their Specials again this year and will do so with students from other classes/programs in their grade level. We will send additional information home soon about health and safety protocols.


4th/5th Grade Families: DPS is updating Chromebooks for all 4th and 5th Grade students, so if your child is in these grades, PLEASE BRING THEIR CHROMEBOOK to school on Monday, August 23rd. Your child’s computer will be assessed and possibly exchanged for a newer version.


Chromebooks (K-5): Students who still have their DPS-issued device (or a personal device they plan to use) are asked to bring their laptop on Monday, August 23rd for the first day of school. Teachers will communicate with families directly about technology expectations and practices. NEW STUDENTS: We do not yet have your Chromebooks from DPS, so these will not be distributed on the first day. Once we know when these arrive, they will be checked out to all of our new families in K-5.


ECE Families: Below you will find additional forms that you will need to complete and send back to our office. (We will have paper packets available at the school on Thursday during the Meet & Greet, otherwise stop by the office on Friday, August 20th to collect the forms if needed in paper) These are mandatory forms required by the State of Colorado. See below for the link to the forms and what you will need to return to us by the start of school. These must be sent to us or brought in with your child on or before Monday, August 23rd. See below for additional information on what to expect during your first day of ECE as well!


Registration: For those that have not yet had the chance to register, please be sure to do so soon. It is now fully online and can still be a bit confusing, so please reference the “How To Guide” below that we created to help you navigate the process. Remember that all students must be registered, both new and returning. Please see below and reach out to Ali Larson if you have any questions (


Re-visit our registration items and our Welcome Letter here.


Discovery Link: If you have registered for Discovery Link, the Managed Calendar opens on Monday. Remember that our site does not open until September 7th, but be sure to begin selecting days as soon as you are able. More information from DL below.


As always, please reach out to our Family Liaison and Dean of Culture should you have any questions:




Michael Atkins