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Our Vision:

To strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Stedman Elementary.

Our Goal:

To build and engage community in everything we do!

Interested in volunteering or making a donation to support a PTA initiative? Please send an email to

We have several ways that you can help support Stedman throughout the year both financially and with your time, here are just a few of the ways:

– Volunteer in a classroom
– Help assemble Blue Bags (Thursdays)
– Help coordinate a Field Trip
– Donate Supplies
– Shop with your Stedman King Soopers Card
– Turn in your Longmont Dairy Milkcaps
– Link your AmazonSmile purchases
– Attend Restaurant Nights
– Turn in receipts from Northfield
– Turn in your Box Tops
– Sell Butterbraids (November)
– Attend Stedman Events

Contact if you have any questions!

Hay varias maneras que pueda apoyar la comunidad escolar de Stedman a lo largo del año, tanto económicamente como con su tiempo. Aquí son sólo algunas de las maneras:

– Ser voluntario en un salón de clases
– Ayudar a ensamblar las bolsas azules de los jueves
– Ayudar a coordinar un viaje de estudios
– Donar suministros
– Ir de compras con su Tarjeta Soopers Rey Stedman
– Donar sus Milkcaps lácteos Longmont
– Enlace sus compras de AmazonSmile
– Asistir Noches de Restaurante
– Donar sus Box Tops
– Vender Butterbraids (noviembre)
– Asistir los Eventos Stedman

Póngase en contacto con si tiene alguna pregunta!



There are exciting things that the PTA is working on that currently need your help:

1. Financial Donations (support staff, supplies, mentoring, educational experiences, etc.)

2. Volunteer in a Classroom!

3. School Supply Fund: Due to budget cuts, we are in need of support for our general supplies fund. (We are especially in need of art supplies!)

All donations are tax-deductible.