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Teaching Staff:


  • Jennifer Moran (English) –
  • Isabel Stephenson (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Patty Albujar (Spanish Immersion) –


  • Patricia Landy (English) –
  • Maria Carrillo (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Dafne Arreola (Spanish Immersion) –

1st Grade

  • Amanda Hinkson (English) –
  • Ana Salas-Lopez (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Jamie Bushey (Spanish Immersion) –

2nd Grade

  • Deborah Sims-Fard (English) –
  • Daniel Lugo (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Benjamin DeLawyer (Spanish Immersion) –

3rd Grade

  • Dawn Romero (English) –
  • Rosario Cabrera (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Kyra Solomon (Spanish Immersion) –

4th/5th Grade Cohorts

  • James Godbolt (English) –
  • Lara Byrne (Spanish Immersion) –
  • Brooke Trexler (English) –
  • Kendra Bush (Spanish Immersion) –

Greater Than One Collective

The Greater Than One Collective (GTO) is a partnership of three community organizations, coming together to support students and families: CHIC, Launch, and Kids Above Everything.

Sadé Cooper – CHIC –

downloadSade is a native to Denver Colorado, although raised in Moreno Valley CA. her roots are deeply embedded in the Mile-High City. Returning to Colorado in 2000 to finish high school, and pursue a degree in Health Care Management, as a child, Sade’ unceasingly had interest in becoming a doctor or financial advisor. Her passion lead her to pursue a career with U.S Bank in 2004. There, Sade’ found her purpose and that was to serve and focus on her community.
Sade’ commitment to her community has led her to several volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles.  For Sade’ Cooper, that meant giving back to Project Voyce, as a board member and Second Chance Home Ministries. Sade’ also participated as a mentor for Goodwill’s Summer Bridge Mentor Program and acted as an American Heart Ambassador.
Sade’ continues to give back to her community, as the founder and Executive Director of C.H.I.C. (Collaborative Healing Initiative within Communities) C.H.I.C was created to help tackle the disparities and economic shortcomings that directly affect families, communities and members of local gangs, particularity that of the female population. C.H.I.C.  work directly with females between the ages of 10-25 who are from low to middle-income communities imbued with violence, substandard living conditions, and inequitable educational systems. Sade’ is a real steward for her community, changing lives one day at a time.

Justin Darnell – Launch –

Stedman Staff Justin Darnell-1I am the co-founder and Chief Navigator of the Launch Network, and we are fortunate to partner with Stedman to serve our kids and families most deserving of support.  Before co-creating Launch, I helped create and implement the Teacher Leadership and Collaboration strategy (2013-2017) and professional development systems for teachers (2011-2012) in Denver Public Schools. I also spent 6 years as a science teacher at Bryant Webster ECE-8, being selected as the 2010 Colorado Teacher of the Year, when I was incredibly humbled and fortunate to have shaken hands with President Obama.  Read more here:


Kirk Stevenson Kids Above Everything –

kirk staff 2018-1Kirk is the Co-Founder and Director of School Partnerships at Kids Above Everything (KAE). Kirk co-founded KAE because he saw a need and wanted to use his 20 years of coaching experience to make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most. He helps children see their value, builds their confidence, and holds them accountable by being a consistent presence and by showing unconditional love and support. Kirk recognizes the importance of developing the whole child and uses non-traditional approaches to engage the family unit to teach social emotional skills. Kirk is passionate and committed to impacting the youth who live in the neighborhoods he grew up in.

Dane Washington – Kids Above Everything –

Stedman Staff 2019 -18Dane Washington is Executive Director and Co-founder of Kids Above Everything. KAE is an outreach effort to lift the lives of students in NE Denver and supports students’ positive identity develop through media and storytelling. Dane has a passion for the arts and media and does the work because he believes that education, equity, and equality are key in today’s society. Dane has a passion for the work as the father of four sons, two that are currently scholars in DPS, as a product of Denver Public Schools, and a community partner. Dane is a volunteer football coach (10 years) for the Pirates Youth Football Organization.
Dominique Edmonds  – Email:
Stedman Staff Dominique Edmonds-1My name is Ms. Dominique, this is going on my fourth year as Restorative Practices Coordinator at Stedman. I initially started as a Secretary for three months. During this short period, I recognized a strong need to build relationships; administration/teachers, students/teachers, parents/staff & parents/teachers. I chose Stedman because I felt that I could be instrumental in bridging the gaps in relationship building.  I have worked with youth in the Park Hill community for many years. Our students are challenged with many struggles and heartbreaks in their daily lives. Stedman is one place that truly believes in the Whole Child Team, and feels like home away from home.
This has been an amazing start of a new year at Stedman. My focus is to continue helping students and teachers address problematic behavior, by restoring relationships and repairing harm.  With the additional supports in place, this year has provided an opportunity to do more preventative work, by pushing into the classrooms. I know that Stedman will continue to move forward academically, and will continue to provide a safe learning environment for all. We are a strong community growing together!

Yvette Crowe – Email:

Jambo, I am Yvette Crowe. It has been my lifelong dream to give back to the Park Hill community in which I was raised and to my Alma Mater Stedman Elementary. A few of my main goals are to promote equality, condemn bias as well as injustices through enhancing educational and social-emotional practices to embrace the Whole Stedman Family. In addition, I am a member of the Launch Network team here to support smooth take-offs and safe landings for all students. ”Education is Rocket Science!”

Terri House

Romain Washington

Support Staff

Crystal Griego (Reading Specialist, Senior Team Lead) –

Stedman Staff Crystal Griego-1

Samantha Sims (Mild-Moderate Teacher, Senior Team Lead) – Email:

Stedman Staff Sams Sims-1 

Megan Walsh (English Language Development) – Email:

Stedman Staff Megan Walsh-1My name is Megan Walsh and this is my 6th year at Stedman! I am currently the ELD teacher with over a decade of teaching experience and a Master’s degree with Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Education. I was born and raised in Denver and attended DPS schools up until high school. Upon graduating from CSU, I started my teaching career in New Orleans. It was there where I learned about the atrocious disparates in the educational system and have since worked in helping to ensure all students receive a worthy education. I have two young sons who keep me very busy! With my husband, we enjoy being outside, visiting museums, exploring new places, baking…and reading!

Rhonda Lee, Restorative Justice Coordinator – Email:

Stedman Staff Rhonda Lee-1My name is Rhonda D. Lee and I’m the new secretary at Stedman Elementary. I started at Stedman in 2013 as a part of the cafeteria team but I always knew that I had more to offer. I’ve worked with children as a cheerleading coach, managed a beauty school and I have two beautiful daughters of my own. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, walks, and drawing. I’m glad I have the opportunity be a part of the Stedman front office team. GO STEDMAN KNIGHTS!!!!!

Heather Showman, Social Worker –

Stedman Staff Heather Showman-1I am Heather Showman and am your School Social Worker! I started working at Stedman late in the 2016-2017 school year, and have loved getting to know our students and community!  I was born in Indiana, but spent most of my childhood in South Carolina. Shortly after moving to Denver four years ago, I was surprised to learn that my Great Great Grandfather was a Denver native and I have had so much fun learning about my Denver roots!

Prior to coming to Stedman, I spent four years as a school social worker and school-based therapist on the Fort Apache Reservation in Arizona, then moved to Denver to work as a school-based therapist working with the refugee communities in the metro area.  I love Indiana Basketball, Carolina Football, hiking, reading, and my two cats. I am excited to be a part of Team DPS and return to Stedman as your school social worker!

Jerri Succo, Technology Support –

Christine Webb, Speech-Language Pathologist –

Amy Barrett, Gifted/Talented –

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Emily Warren, Occupational Therapist

Ali Monroe Larson, Family Services Liaison – Email:

Custodial Staff

Facilities Manager: Brandon Mercadel

Stedman Staff 2019 -12

Facilities Assistant Crew Lead: Denise Hysaw

Part-time Custodian: Kevin Yearling

Food Services

David Gilbert – Email: